Backwoods Cigars Wine – Pack 5 Backwoods Wine Cigars


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Backwoods Cigars Wine

nThe Untamed Natural Beauty of a Backwoods! Are they made in the Dominican Republic or have they been rolled through a Cowboy inside the wild west? The fact is they’re made in the Dominican Republic using quality tobacco, which has been elderly for at the least 12 months to carry out the natural sweetness before the leaves have been more suitable with a candy flavouring. The Backwoods cigars were added nationally in 1981 and were an in a single day success. Their particular shape and look – “WILD & MILD” as it changed into called, with a frayed end, tapered frame and unfinished head, had a fantastic attraction to cigar smokers. Many contemporary cigars are rolled to a very refined and precise shape, which regularly compresses the tobacco unevenly throughout the cigar. The Backwoods is rolled loosely the usage of a good pressure, which leads to a country searching cigar, however, draws effortlessly and calmly packing plenty of flavours.

Backwoods Cigars Flavour: Wine

nStrength: Mild and Sweet
n1 Packs of 5 Cigars
nPacks of five Cigars

Authentic Backwoods Cigars Canada


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